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This "Google no.1" website shows directory of budding graduates of art academies. Join the list Česká verze

Benefits for You when supporting art graduates:

  • Obtain a beautiful piece of art of your own chosing
  • Purchase a probable good investment at a very reasonable price (formal education is a solid criteria)
  • Support a career of nice young people (and so your investment as well)
  • In some cases reduce their need to give energy to working in an other branch

Lucie Kozelská, Czech sculptorTiger - realistic sculpture by Czech sculptor Lucie Kozelská Jan Karpíšek, Czech painterPainting by Czech painter Jan Karpíšek
Lucie Kozelská, sculptor (CZ) Jan Karpíšek, painter (CZ)
Denisa Krausová, Czech painterPainting by Czech painter Denisa Krausová Lukáš Henzl, Czech painterPainting by Czech painter Lukáš Henzl
Denisa Krausová, painter (CZ) Lukáš Henzl, painter (CZ)
Lukáš Orlita, Czech painterPainting by Czech painter Lukáš Orlita Ozmo, Italian painterPainting by Italian painter Ozmo
Lukáš Orlita, painter (CZ) Ozmo, painter (IT)
Belgian painter Jean-Paul OppermanPainting by Belgian painter Jean-Paul Opperman Lucie Ferliková, Czech painterPainting by Czech painter Lucie Ferliková
Jean-Paul Opperman, painter (BEL) Lucie Ferliková, painter (CZ)
Simona (Blahutová) Černická, Czech painterPainting by Czech painter Simona (Blahutová) Černická Czech painter Zbyněk LinhartPainting by Czech painter Zbyněk Linhart
Simona (Blahutová) Černická, painter (CZ) Zbyněk Linhart, painter (CZ)
Czech painter Vasil ArtamonovPainting by Czech painter Vasil Artamonov Czech painter Pavla (Zemková) TicháPainting by Czech painter Pavla (Zemková) Tichá
Vasil Artamonov, painter (RU/CZ) Pavla (Zemková) Tichá, painter (CZ)
Czech painter Daniela MikuláškováPainting by Czech painter Daniela Mikulášková Czech photographer Martin KámenWork by Czech photographer Martin Kámen
Daniela Mikulášková, painter (CZ) Martin Kámen, photographer (CZ)
Slovak painter Mišo GogoraPainting by Slovak painter Mišo Gogora Czech painter Tomáš BártaPainting by Czech painter Tomáš Bárta
Mišo Gogora, painter (SK) Tomáš Bárta, painter (CZ)
Czech painter Jaroslav ValečkaPainting by Czech painter Jaroslav Valečka Czech painter Kamila ZemkováPainting by Czech painter Kamila Zemková
Jaroslav Valečka, painter (CZ) Kamila Zemková, painter (CZ)
Korean painter Misung KwakPainting by Korean painter Misung Kwak Czech painter Jana BesmákováPainting by Czech painter Jana Besmáková
Misung Kwak, painter (KOR) Jana Besmáková, painter (CZ)
Czech painter Marie PoláškováPainting by Czech painter Marie Polášková Czech painter Veronika DrahotováPainting by Czech painter Veronika Drahotová
Marie Polášková, painter (CZ) Veronika Drahotová, painter (CZ)
Czech multimedia artist Lukáš HájekArtwork by Czech artist Lukáš Hájek Czech painter Barbora LungováPainting by Czech painter Barbora Lungová
Lukáš Hájek, multimedia artist (CZ) Barbora Lungová, painter (CZ)
Czech designer, painter Kristýna TůmováPainting by Czech artist Kristýna Tůmová Czech painter, photographer Šimon VahalaPainting by Czech painter, photographer Šimon Vahala
Kristýna Tůmová, designer, painter (CZ) Šimon Vahala, artist (CZ)
American illustrator, Pin up Artist Jessica WhitesidePainting by American illustrator, Pin up Artist Jessica Whiteside Czech painter Denisa BelzováPainting by Czech painter Denisa Belzová
Jessica Whiteside, Pin up Artist (USA) Denisa Belzová, painter (CZ)
Czech painter Zdenka VerešováArtwork by Czech painter Zdenka Verešová Czech painter Jan TesařPainting by Czech painter Jan Tesař
Zdenka Verešová, painter (CZ) Jan Tesař, painter (CZ)
Czech painter Eva SpěváčkováPainting by Czech painter Eva Spěváčková Czech painter Barbara ZemanováPainting by Czech painter Barbara Zemanová
Eva Spěváčková, painter (CZ) Barbara Zemanová, painter (CZ)
Turkish artist Ekin Deniz AytaçSculpture by Turkish artist Ekin Deniz Aytaç Czech painter Blanka JakubčíkováPainting by Czech painter Blanka Jakubčíková
Ekin Deniz Aytaç, artist (TUR) Blanka Jakubčíková, painter (CZ)
Czech painter, Aleš FulínPainting by Czech painter Aleš Fulín Czech photographer Tereza HrubáPicture by Czech photographer Tereza Hrubá
Aleš Fulín, painter (CZ) Tereza Hrubá, photographer (CZ)
Australian painter Daniel BrockPainting by Australian painter Daniel Brock Australian artist Linda RiseleyPicture by Australian artist Linda Riseley
Daniel Brock, painter (AU) Linda Riseley, artist (AU)
Northern Irish textile artist Maria CreanPicture by Northern Irish textile artist Maria Crean Slovak artist Veronika JamrichováSculptures by Slovak artist Veronika Jamrichová
Maria Crean, textile artist (NI) Veronika Jamrichová, artist (SK)
Czech painter Jitka NesnídalováPicture by Czech painter Jitka Nesnídalová Czech painter Roman ŠafránekPainting by Czech painter Roman Šafránek
Jitka Nesnídalová, painter (CZ) Roman Šafránek, painter (CZ)
Italian artist Carolina SilvaniJewellery by Italian artist Carolina Silvani
Carolina Silvani, artist of glass (IT)

To easily join the list just send an email including:

  • your name, web address of your online portfolio or profile at etc.
  • jpeg image of one your work and your photo portrait (we will resize it for you)
  • an evidence that you graduated at some art college (e.g. link to the list of gradutes at college websites)
  • and a link to this website may increase your rank in the list
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